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Tapan Ghosh ..... Faceless .... author
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"Dildo in a bin! Who put it in?" Embarrassed about mistaking a vibrator for a bomb, Khush and his anti-terror squad go about looking for the owner of the pleasure tool. Khush and Shom have been friends since childhood. In their forties now, they love to swing to latino beats in Mumbai's nightclubs.

Shom, the reticent one, is very different from the flamboyant Khush. Everything changes when Shom meets Raima. Their sensual yet spiritual love is separated by age, wealth and background. Shom throws caution to the wind and meets life head on, choosing honesty over hypocrisy. It's a Love Story emerging in the contemporary world of wealth, lust and power, like the freshness of the lotus flowering in stagnant waters.

, a victim of circumstance, is exposed to the world very early in life and as such she is tough, sharp and street smart. She is the soul of the book. Faceless is the story of love and passion so powerful, so pure, that we live it with Shom and Raima.
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